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Before recommending one of our programs, we evaluate your current reporting methods. Rather than installing software unnecessarily, we may suggest saving money by simply improving your current processes and developing automation solutions using the tools you currently own.

Use this module to retrieve runtime data, calculate emissions source inventories and generate SARA reports.

Use our automated data retrieval to access information throughout the facility and generate DMRs. This program comes complete with validation reports and historical tracking.
Generate manifests and track waste cradle-to-grave. Full electronic reporting capabilities and management of waste and vendor profiles.

Total event reporting and tracking complete with email notifications and chain of command notifications.  Use to report and track all incidents throughout a facility.
Used to generate and track corrective actions, this module can also be tied into the other module for reminders of compliance events.  Action tracking comes complete with reporting and email notifications.
Use our safety observation software or let us create online forms for your current safety or behavioral observations. If you're still using paper forms & entering observations into a database by hand, your wasting time and risking error.
Track regulatory applicability and set compliance for individual sources, groups or units.  Combine this module with action tracking and send out compliance reminders.


Our EH&S software is available fully customized to your facility.  We work with you to create the best approach for improving your compliance reporting through process evaluation, needs assessments, and maintaining an attractive return on investment.

Our modules can be used individually or together.  Each uses a base set of tables for lookups and references.

Read what our clients are saying about TPG.  Find out how we can help you reduce your cost of compliance.

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